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States Sustainability Rankings Empty States Sustainability Rankings

Post by  on Sat Sep 03, 2011 7:16 pm

Here is a study ranking the states, click on the state name to view. I agree with the findings based on environmental sustainability. As far a human sustainability during hard times Washington & Oregon probably beat Vermont due to the longer growing season and the huge volume of food produced there. Vermont has a VERY short growing season and a LONG winter. If transportation and food delivery shuts down you will have to do a lot of canning in Vermont to survive the winter. The only real meat raised there are dairy cattle As far as NY being number 2... Perhaps if you look at LEEDS buildings in NYC.... But it is a struggle to find a recycling bin anywhere when travelling through the state, the towns upstate are rundown and broke. As far as overall livability I would rate NY at the very bottom of the list.

This is what Portland is doing. All cities should model Portland:

States Sustainability Rankings Rockreportmap

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Post by fanniecarnes on Wed Sep 14, 2011 8:38 am

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States Sustainability Rankings Empty Re: States Sustainability Rankings

Post by bookerton on Fri Oct 28, 2011 1:14 am

The highest-ranking tap water in the study belonged to Kansas City, which had no recorded pollutants when tested.

Following in rank for best tap water quality are, in order, Portland; Louisville; San Francisco; Memphis; San Antonio; Oklahoma City; Fort Worth; Jacksonville; and, rounding off the top 10, Arlington, Texas.

Data was unavailable for Honolulu, New Orleans, New York, and Virginia Beach. However, we know that Honolulu's water is quite good -- naturally filtered through its volcanic rocks. Cleaner air quality goes hand in glove with better tap water quality. New York's water is known to be fairly clean from the source as well, as it flows from the Catskill and Croton area watersheds. Of interest to New Orleans residents, in May 2006, the state Health Department said water was safe to drink in the Ninth Ward, which received the heaviest flood damage from Hurricane Katrina. The quality of Virginia Beach tap water quality is unknown, as it was not available in Environmental Working Group's national database from December 2005.


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States Sustainability Rankings Empty Re: States Sustainability Rankings

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