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Scared? You better be!

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Scared? You better be! Empty Scared? You better be!

Post by Admin on Thu Sep 01, 2016 10:20 pm

I truly believe that Trump's election was a backlash to the far left politics of the Democratic party. Hillary, Pelosi, Feinstein, Schumer, Boxer and Bloomberg do not represent the values of the Democratic majority in middle America. Most independent free thinking Americans want their personal freedoms, the right to self-defense, sensible immigration, extreme vetting of people from nations that sponsor terror, and real border security with boots on the ground (not a "wall").

On the other side THINKING Americans believe all the worlds scientists when in comes to climate change (not FOX News), they want REAL healthcare that is free for the person making $11 an hour, and believe in equal (not special) treatment for minorities, gays and everyone.

The backlash to Hillary and her party's failed ultra left policies was Trump. He resonated with some in the center, center right and of course his base - the racist hate-mongers.

America - you had your chance in the 2016 general election and you blew it. You say it was either Hillary or Trump. Well you had better choices in the primary like Bernie. Your narrow mindedness and blind following of the 2 party system that is run by extremists caused what we have now.

Thanks to the Democrats we now have Trump and allĀ  that comes with that decision. Think unbridled runaway climate change and possible nuclear war by 2020.

Once again the Democrats are focusing on DACA? Slip DACA in a bill that Trump wants. Focus on something important you IDIOTS like limiting Trumps ability to launch ICBM's or stopping his assault on the environment.

This is what's most freighting of all. Donald Trump can launch ICBM's with no safeguards or controls whatsoever. Do you feel confident in his stability, levelheadedness and compassion for people and the planet.

This clip from the 1983 movie "The Day After" is a really good representation of what would happen.

Listen to what this highly decorated, level headed and intelligent general has to say:

Think it can't happen?


Here was your choice in the general election after blowing it with Bernie in the primary. We would have had a better America - YOU blew it!


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