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Rethinking American Politics and Ideology

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Rethinking American Politics and Ideology  Empty Rethinking American Politics and Ideology

Post by Admin on Sun Jan 28, 2018 5:24 pm

The rest of the free world looks at America with disgust and fear. How did we go from admiration and respect to this low level? The answers is simple - voter apathy and stupidity. Instead of taking control of politicians and the government the people let the government that is ruled by multinational corporations control them. Corporate America's only goal is to suck as much money from the consumer as possible. Our government is basically run by Bernie's oligarchs through the lobbyist!

What can the EDUCATED, common sense, independent center of the road voter do to change this? Dig you heels in the sand and say NO to the Trump's, Hillary's, Biden's and other bought and paid for politicians. Demand common sense from the candidate you choose and settle for no less. If a person like Trump can get elected so can a Bernie, Gary Johnson or Ron Paul.

SIGN THIS NOW (Only American signatures please):

Here are some common sense positions on the issues to ponder.....


We need a tough, no nonsense policy on immigration that is humane yet enforces the laws already on the books. This can be done with electronic sensors, patrols and adding more border agents - not walls. We also need to end sanctuary cities, entitlements and chain migration. H1B visas will be limited by unemployment rates after all Americans who want to work have jobs then there is room for work visas. It's is not our job to solve India's unemployment problem. Extreme vetting of immigrants who come from terror sponsor nations make sense and should not be based on religion but instead policies, level of violence and conditions in place of origin. Keep DACA but this flow of PPL who can't follow the system has to stop. Immigration need to be like the flow traffic signals you see at some highways metering how many cars can enter.


A single payer system so the person making $11 / hour does not have to choose between food and insurance makes sense, not Obamacare which penalizes the hard working people who have to pay over $300 / month for a horrible policy that covers nothing.

Jobs / Wage

Instead of subsidizing immigrants we need to afford every opportunity for training and jobs to the only two groups who were really victimized in the county - African Americans & Native Americans. The goal is equal rights and a level playing field, not special rights. The republicans abhor welfare - well reform it! Training opportunities for the disadvantaged and hiring incentives are necessary. Next priority are the non-disadvantaged American citizens and lastly immigrants. If you came here you start at the bottom. My parents did in the 50's, and they earned everything they have. A livable wage must be implemented based on a county by county analyses of the cost of living. 

Gun Control

We need universal background checks for all sales including private ones. We also need a strict child access protection law that sets prison terms for parents that let their children get a hold of their guns. Banning this gun or that gun will not change the violent crime in this country. People have the right to defend themselves and that right does not end when you enter NY, NJ, MA or CA. If you have a license it should be good in all 50 states.


The United States should adopt a Swiss style neutral policy and participate only in a United Nations style peacekeeping force. Our Nuclear program should not have a first strike option and launch should be decided by senior generals at NORAD, not the president. We are not the worlds policeman and the policy should be to send diplomats and if that fails join with the world to solve the problem


A womans right to choose is paramount. We need to end late term abortions unless is a health issue for the mother or baby. If you can't make up your mind by the first trimester you are out of luck (SOL). There has to be a common sense approach to this dilemma.

More to come...

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