Why you need to vote 3rd Party NOW!

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Why you need to vote 3rd Party NOW! Empty Why you need to vote 3rd Party NOW!

Post by Quaker Ranter on Wed Oct 09, 2013 8:27 am

The government is shut down and we are quickly approaching the debt ceiling. The Democrats are just wasting money on liberal tax n spend pork projects and a healthcare program that only hurts the working poor by charging them for an un-affordable plan. This "Affordable" Health Care Act is the SAME plan Romney signed  into law in Massachusetts when he was governor there. The Democrats also want bloated government where the "PC Police" control everything you do and say. California is a prime example of what control by Democrats will do.

The Republicans want to spend money on wars constantly when a country does not agree with their ideology, and the majority of Republicans claim to be Christians! Wars kill innocents, end of story! Republicans also want draconian laws that put people in prison for minor offenses. They also believe the humans only mandate is to destroy the environment so big corporations can control everything.

None of these people have the needs or wishes of the average working American in mind.

Vote Progressive, Green , Libertarian or Independent. ANYTHING but Republican or Democrat. If you don't vote THEY win! Some good candidates are/have been Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, Jesse Ventura, Gary Johnson or even Bernie Sanders the lone Independent in the senate.
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