House Cats DESTROYING The Environment!

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House Cats DESTROYING The Environment! Empty House Cats DESTROYING The Environment!

Post by Kegley on Sat Feb 16, 2013 8:45 am

Keep your house cat INDOORS

House Cats DESTROYING The Environment! Catnbi11

I hate cats. Not in an "I love dogs" way or a "women are from Venus, men
are from Mars" way. I hate cats because they perfectly sum up why
everything humans do is wrong.

Cats are the most barbaric, sadistic animals in the world.

Sure, it's nice when they say "Meow" when they come
into a room. And it's sort of beguiling when their paws go big when
asking for something they love, like milk or tuna, but if you look at it
from an environmentalist's perspective, cats are the most dangerous
parasite on earth since man.

The way a cat kills a mouse or a bird is nature at its most savage and
cruel (bloodcurdling meows one second, entrails in your slippers the
next), but it's how often they do it that is really messing things up.
Recently, the musty-smelling profs at the British Mammal Society
estimated that cats kill more than 250,000,000 creatures a year! Their
primal urges are singlehandedly devastating the robin population, for
example. While cat food may satiate their hunger, it doesn't kill their
hunting instinct, and that is precisely the problem. Every cat you let
outside equals a dozen dead birds before it gets let back in, and these
birds are killed for no reason whatsoever. Isn't that why we hate
hunters so much? At least hunters actually digest their prey and don't
touch endangered species like dormice. (Though mice and birds are the
main victims, cats are also destroying entire populations of voles,
shrews, bats, and even baby rabbits.)

As with most environmental catastrophes, this new threat to the bird
population can be traced back to man. We brought cats to Britain to
control the plague-carrying rats that were threatening our potatoes. Now
we pamper them all day and send them out to kill twice their weight in
biomass every night, no matter what. It's not like cats need or even
want to go outside. They are surprisingly content with shitting in a box
and restricting their domain to your apartment, so there is no reason
to let them out. "Most cats are opportunists who catch whatever they
come across," says the spokesman for the Royal Society for the
Protection of Birds. "The most abundant or vulnerable are their targets,
and if people don't start keeping their cats indoors the bird
population may never recover. Better yet - STOP BREEDING THEM!

Leicester, UK

Article from Queensland
House Cats DESTROYING The Environment! FFC_22-09-2011_EGN_08_22envirocats_fct497x306_t460

Wildlife carer Carolyn Bussey found this squirrel glider after it was killed by a
cat. The same cat was seen attacking a feathertail glider. Contributed FRASER Coast wildlife carers have asked cat owners to lock up their
pets at night after the death of two young gliders earlier this week.
The warning comes after Wildlife Queensland Fraser Coast chapter
secretary Carolyn Bussey found a juvenile squirrel glider which had been
killed by a cat at Burrum Heads last week.
Mrs Bussey said the same cat had also injured a feathertail glider, the smallest glider in Australia.
"These tiny animals have no hope against the acute night vision and terrific hunting ability of the cat," Mrs Bussey said.
Wildlife carer Lee Curtis said the cat was likely to have caught even more gliders.
The Fraser Coast branch of Wildlife Queensland recommended pets should
be kept indoors from dusk to 8am, including cats with bells on the
"Bells around a cat's neck do not work," Ms Bussey said.
"A cat can move very stealthily without ringing up to three bells."
Ms Bussey said owners who did not have an outdoor enclosure should lock their cats inside the home or a shed.
Wildlife Queensland is currently running the Adopt a Glider program to help protect gliders from pets and feral cats.
The annual program asks people to donate $60 to adopt a glider for a
year, which funds habitat conservation, research programs and public
awareness campaigns.
Visit for more information.

In New Zealand they are saying the same thing

A NEW Zealand economist has called on his fellow Kiwis to rid the island nation of all its cats.

Economist and philanthropist Gareth Morgan is calling for the
eradication of pet cats and has launched a website, Cats to Go, where he
urges Kiwis to make their current cat their last.
The website says: "That little ball of fluff you own is a natural born killer."
It highlights the devastating environmental impact of our furry feline friends.
year cats in New Zealand destroy our native wildlife. The fact is that
cats have to go if we really care about our environment."
website features an edited image of a kitten with red eyes and devils
horns, while a YouTube video includes the statement "cats are the only
true sadists of the animal world".

"We don't suggest you knock your favourite furry friend on the head.
We do suggest you think about the consequences on the bird population
of domestic cats, and make this cat your last," the website says.
Forest and Bird advocacy manager Kevin Hackwell says Mr Morgan is raising an important issue.
"They do kill an awful lot of native species: native birds, skinks, geckos, wetas," he told AAP.
people want to have native birds and other native wildlife in their
gardens and in their cities, then they need to be responsible in their
cat ownership."
Mr Hackwell says cat owners should make sure their
pet has been neutered and if it can't be kept inside, they should
consider getting a bell.

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