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Republican or Democrat? - How About "Free Thinking Independent"! Empty Republican or Democrat? - How About "Free Thinking Independent"!

Post by  on Sat Jul 23, 2011 12:38 pm

This whole concept of I am a Republican and you are a Democrat does not work, it only divides people. The way to change this is to start thinking in a new way. We need to use a common sense approach to our problems. To the extreme left and right who control the parties - WE ARE TIRED OF YOUR HARD LINE POLITICS! Let's call our new politics "Free Thinking Independents". Here are some ideas utilizing the common sense approach:

Compiled from contributions of our staff and viewers.....
Environment: This is a no brainer! We are trashing this planet to the point of no return. If you do not agree with this then there is no help for your ignorant, uneducated self. We all need to be pro- environment, reduce, reuse and recycle. The earth is a sealed environment and we are ruining our air and water for all life on the planet so we can have plastic party favors a Gucci handbags! The Republicans tout personal responsibility yet do nothing for anyone but the rich and themselves while trashing the environment. The Democrats promote environmentalism and green thinking yet follow the same path when they are in office!

Energy: Think about it - You pay almost $4 a gallon at the pump and have to scrimp and save just to live. The Republicans and Democrats cater to the oil industry that pumps billions into the Middle East so oil sheiks can live in the lap of luxury? Renewable energy creates jobs in America and is PATRIOTIC!

Health Care: Everyone has a right to health care. Obama's plan like Massachusetts forces you to buy it, and if you work at McDonalds at $7/Hr you still have to buy it or be severely penalized. It should be on a sliding scale. If you make less than livable wage it is free, after that the more you make the more you pay. That is fair.

Education: No cuts to education! The future of our country depends on the education of our kids. Eliminate tenure, yet pay teachers a livable wage if they perform.

Crime and Punishment: White collar criminals should not be put in prison, but loose everything they own in repayment to victims for their greed. Bernie Madoff does not belong in prison but in a homeless shelter, broke and penniless for the rest of his life. Drug users should be sentenced to rehab, not prison. Drug dealers & violent criminals should get long prison terms along with murderers who kill friends and family in the "heat of the moment". Sociopaths, serial killers and child rapists should be put to death if proven beyond a shadow of a doubt they are guilty .

Self-Defense: Americans who are LAW ABIDING and not prohibited should be able to buy firearms and carry them for self defense unrestricted. This is a no brainer, you have a right to protect yourself at the moment of attack, not be murdered and THEN have the criminal justice system follow up with punishment for the offender. Criminals who abuse guns and create violence and mayhem should be treated appropriately.

Immigration / Job Loss: There is a system for lawful immigration and we need to enforce it. We cannot give ALL our jobs away. Sending food aid to the starving in other countries is what America is all about, but giving ALL our jobs away? - I don't think so! Stop manufacturing in China with a 25% tariff like Donald Trump touts. All skilled heavy manufacturing should be done here with strict environmental controls. Simple items that are not cost effective to be made here can be made in Mexico with incentives to companies to do business there. Guess what - some jobs to Mexico - less illegal crossing! Why are we feeding the Chinese EVERY dollar and job? All refugee resettlement programs on US soil need to end followed by massive food distributions and life sustaining technologies like wells drilling wherever needed. Give to this instead if you care about people: Teach a man to fish....

Equal Rights: ALL Americans have constitutional rights. Persons who are not citizens should not have the same constitutional rights as those that were born here, naturalized or go through the citizenship process. EVERYONE regardless of where they were born have human rights and should be treated fairly and with dignity. Every other country gives job preference to their citizens but us. We give unfair advantages to immigrants while americans starve. I know of one group who has bought up ALL hotels in America and gets tax free ownership for many years. They then transfer it to their relatives and the tax advantage continues. Is this fair to Americans? Will YOUR buisness be tax free this year?

Marriage Equality: EVERYONE has the right to marry who they choose, this is a free country last time I looked! I'm worried more about the economy and rampant crime than who is allowed to marry! Focus on REAL problems, and if you don't like a certain lifestyle don't subscribe to it. In a free country you can do what you want as long as it does not harm others.

Defense of America: There is no doubt there are those that hate us. We need to stop interfering around the world and making enemies. No more being the world's policeman. The Republicans say "we need to attack them before they attack us", BS! We need to leave "them" alone, isolate them if they sponsor terrorism. There are some 12 terror sponsor nations, sorry no more immigration or visas from those countries period - too much of a risk! Our military should model the Swiss Army thus protecting our borders. We need to re-design the UN as more of an Interpol agency to challenge terror based threats and evil dictators - a world tactical force capable of pinpoint strikes and extractions, but nothing more.

Government Control: Less is better! We do not need more interference in our lives. Government has a purpose - serving the people, not controlling them! The fat needs to be cut by eliminating earmarks and pet projects (Democrats are good at waste). No more lobbying or high paying political appointments. No more campaigning for re-election on taxpayers money. Let's bring public service back into government service. Religion has NO place in government. Politicians have a right to practice whatever religion they choose, but keep your mouth shut about it. This is not a "Christian Country" - it's a FREE country! God didn't bless America, he blessed everyone and everything.

Can you think of some other common sense ways of redefining how we govern? Post your ideas>>>>>

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Republican or Democrat? - How About "Free Thinking Independent"! Empty Re: Republican or Democrat? - How About "Free Thinking Independent"!

Post by NotRepublicanOrDemocrat on Tue Aug 16, 2011 9:18 am

I agree 100% about thinking for yourself. I do not identify with any group, and consider myself a "free thinking voter". I was looking at an article about a Tea Partier acusing Obama of being a socialist. I do not agree.... He is a constitutional law professor and knows better. He has done nothing to restrict guns in spite of gun owners (yes they were gun owners) Cho and Loghner going nuts. He even passed National Park Carry! Yes, the health care plan is a mess b/c he was ill advised. We all need health care, but not a plan that penalizes poor people like Ultra Socialist Massachusetts has instituted. Is he a Socialist? No, I really don't think so. I don't really care where he was born either! I do think he is a political kiss ass bowing down to ilk like Pelosi, Boxer, Schumer, Feinstein and even Bloomberg! He really did compromise with the Republicans on may issues, but just like the Dem reps listed above they will not compromise on their extremist views either. The gridlock comes from the extreme left and right that are trying to control us all not coming to the center that most of the USA represents. Most of us are not religious wing nuts or liberal socialists. I think everyone wants health care when they get sick, but not a plan that is unfair and costly. Thats one thing that France did get right (probably the only thing)!

I am NOT a "Tea Partier", a liberal or a conservative. I will choose my own issues thank you! I do not agree with the way Obama went about most of his policies. I voted for Ron Paul in 2008 and will do so again in 2012!

Someone please save us from the Democrats and Republicans!!!!!

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Republican or Democrat? - How About "Free Thinking Independent"! Empty Re: Republican or Democrat? - How About "Free Thinking Independent"!

Post by UnhookedLiving on Tue May 15, 2012 12:16 am

I was told yesterday that if I vote for Ron Paul my vote will be wasted. I have a right to vote for the person I think is most qualified and has the best interests of the American people at heart. If everybody had the guts to vote their conscience we might get someplace.

As far as good governance, can we please get rid of the pet projects and pork barrel spending tacked onto big legislation via riders? Oh, and how about reps actually having to read a law before they vote it in?
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Republican or Democrat? - How About "Free Thinking Independent"! Empty Re: Republican or Democrat? - How About "Free Thinking Independent"!

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