Stephen Hawking About The Survival Of The Human Race

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Stephen Hawking About The Survival Of The Human Race Empty Stephen Hawking About The Survival Of The Human Race

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Stephen Hawking is one of the greatest scientific minds of the 21st Century. This has been posted under Environmental because of his opinion about global climate change. If you believe Glen Beck or Rush Limbaugh over Stephen Hawking, then for you, watching this video is a waste of time......

Stephen Hawking is an English theoretical physicist and mathematics professor at the University of Cambridge. His research in cosmology has led to the unification of Einstein's General Theory of Relativity and Quantum Theory.

GOP Replubican Senators Set To Fight Nuclear Treaty and Ban

Fresh off the success of the U.S. Senate’s ratification of the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty last week, President Barack Obama and his administration are marshalling an ambitious plan to denuclearize the United States further by banning all nuclear explosions on earth — whether for military or for peaceful purposes. It would be accomplished through the controversial Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.

Republicans in the Senate, however, led by Jon Kyl of Arizona, are girding to block the treaty, invoking the help of five new additional GOP members taking office Jan. 5.

I am not saying that Obama is doing a good job, is the best guy for President Etc, but fighting reductions in nuclear arsenals? These Republican Senators are trying to single handedly destabilize the security of the world and increase the risk of nuclear holocaust!


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